All You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

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Are you tired of your dull, yellow smile? If so, a teeth whitening treatment might be the treatment for you! With teeth whitening, you can have the bright and brilliant smile you desire. To help you know a little more about teeth whitening in Bend, Oregon, our dentist, Dr. Michael Hall, is happy to share some facts with you.

Fortunately, some over-the-counter treatments successfully whiten the smile. However, they might not whiten your teeth as many shades as you would like. Also, some products are too abrasive and can harm the smile if they are misused or used too often. So, if you are going to start an over-the-counter treatment, it’s best to do so with your dentist’s supervision. For the best results possible, consider our professional whitening treatment we offer at Central Oregon Dental Center.

The bleach solution contained in whitening treatments is safe for your smile. It does not harm your teeth by softening, demineralizing, or weakening the enamel. It actively whitens your chompers when carbamide peroxide, which is the whitening agent, contacts water. At this point, it releases hydrogen peroxide to whiten the smile.

Do you have any questions about teeth whitening? If so, please reach out to our dental team by contacting 541-389-0300. We will be more than happy to help you by giving you the answers and information you need to have a white and shiny smile!