Maintaining Your New Dental Crown Restoration for a Beautiful Smile

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At Central Oregon Dental Center in Bend, Oregon, Dr. Michael Hall and our team of dental professionals offer dental crowns for our patients struggling with damaged teeth. You may be a good candidate for a crown restoration if your smile has a misshapen tooth, a decayed tooth lacking enough tooth material to fill a cavity, a dental implant or bridge, or fractured tooth.

These durable tooth replacement options can restore your smile confidence, and we recommend taking excellent care of your new crown to keep it in place, by practicing the following to maintain healthy teeth and gum support:

Wise Oral Habits: Keeping your crown in optimal condition means using your teeth for what they were meant to do—biting and chewing. Don’t use them as makeshift tools, this includes chewing your fingernails or opening packages with your teeth when scissors aren’t within reach. Crunching hard foods, like ice, can harm your dental crown and your teeth. When it comes to your smile, we recommend playing it safe.

Excellent Hygiene Fitness: This means keeping your pearly whites tooth decay free and your gums healthy too. They are vital for supporting your crown. This boils down to brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day, paying close attention to the area where your crown meets the gumline. Using an antibacterial oral rinse can help fight harmful bacteria, and a fluoride toothpaste can strengthen tooth enamel.

Dental Maintenance: Scheduled six-month cleanings with our team to remove tartar buildup from your teeth and crown, check your smile for gum disease and tooth decay, and make sure that your crown is functioning properly will complement your daily oral hygiene routine for optimum oral health.

If you are in Bend, Oregon area or the neighboring communities, we invite you to check out Central Oregon Dental Center. We are excited to help you maintain your healthy smile. Just call 541-389-0300 today! Dr. Michael Hall and our team are here for you!