Superior Smiles Include Denture Prosthetics

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Would you like to consider a tooth prosthetic that can be removed as needed? With the use of dentures, you can take out your prosthetics and clean them easily and safely. Not only can dentures be crafted for as little as a single tooth, but they can even be made and fashioned for entire rows of teeth. If you wish to replace any missing or lost teeth, speak with your dentist about having a pair of dentures crafted for you.

Effective denture prosthetics depend on the effect of denture care. If you do not care for your dentures, they can easily break, fracture, or fail to work at all. Avoid contamination at all times and make sure they are cleaned. Never soak them in any kind of bleach, hot water, teeth whitener, or any other abrasive cleaning material. In addition, never allow them to sit out anywhere as they will dry out or crack. You can either use plain water or denture cleaning solution to clean them. If you do use a dental cleaning solution, rinse your dentures off before inserting them back into your mouth. Furthermore, exercise caution when handling your dentures, as they can easily break.

If you are in need of denture prosthetics in Bend, Oregon, come visit Central Oregon Dental Center for a comprehensive exam or cleaning. To schedule an appointment, you can ring our dentist office at 541-389-0300. Under the guiding hand of Dr. Michael Hall and our team, we can help to repair and resort your smile.