Taking Care of Your Teeth During Your Pregnancy

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Having a baby is a wonderful event, but it can come with a lot of stressors. Many women wonder what the changes in their bodies and lives mean for their oral health. At Central Oregon Dental Center, we don’t want you to wonder what you should do about your teeth while you’re expecting.

Many women experience no dental issues during their pregnancies, but for some, pregnancy can create or exacerbate conditions since hormonal changes can affect your mouth. Most common is “pregnancy gingivitis,” an inflammation of the gums caused by plaque. This is preventable by careful brushing and flossing and treatable with thorough cleaning. Some women become more prone to cavities due to changes in diet or morning sickness, but again, consistent oral care can prevent decay. Other conditions can develop, but they are uncommon. If you notice any symptoms, please call us at 541-389-0300 to schedule an appointment with Dr Michael Hall.

An increased focus on daily brushing and flossing is important during pregnancy because these habits can fall by the wayside. Reasons for this include discomfort from morning sickness, a more sensitive gag reflex, tenderness, and exhaustion. Poor habits can also carry over easily after your baby arrives.

One thing many women worry about is the use of local anesthetics during their pregnancy if they need a filling or root canal. The good news is that local anesthetics are completely safe for you and your baby. The same goes for X-rays taken in dental emergencies.

Here at Central Oregon Dental Center, we are excited for you and your new adventure. Good oral hygiene can help you have a better pregnancy and a healthier baby.