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You’ve probably heard about dental sealants – your dentist has likely mentioned the possibility of getting them for your younger children – but what exactly are they? Are sealants worth the money, or are the just a gimmick?

Let’s take a look at what sealants are and the benefits they offer.

Sealants protect teeth

At their most basic function, sealants are designed to help protect teeth from getting cavities. They’re made from plastic material that’s placed in the nooks and crannies of teeth that can’t be reached all that well with a toothbrush. Since children are notoriously bad brushers, this is why most dentists recommend sealants for kids at younger ages.

How do they work?

Sealants work by filling in and smoothing out all the grooves in your teeth. These are the places where chunks of food get caught, which attracts the bad bacteria that causes cavities.

Do they really help?

This is perhaps the biggest question asked about sealants – are they worth the cost and do they work as promised?

The short answer is yes, but we’ll take a look at the why as well. Sealants helps because they protect teeth from cavity-causing bacteria, last for nearly a decade, and aid in tooth health as your children become accustomed to caring for their adult teeth.

Sealants are a great option to help your children’s oral health improve. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to call us today at 541-389-0300. We’re more than happy to answer your questions regarding sealants, and any other dental-related questions.